Delivery & Access

When considering where to place the toilet please bear in mind the following:

  • A level surface is required to prevent the toilet tipping over
  • The toilet cannot be lifted over a wall or fence
  • The toilet can be maneuvered easily when empty but not when full
  • The vehicle will need to get within 10 meters of the toilet in order to empty the tank
  • The toilet should be positioned where the entrance is discreet
  • The toilet should be positioned so that doors will not be caught by a gust of wind when opened
  • The toilet relies on external light through the transparent roof
  • Self-Contained Toilets, Mains Toilets and Event Toilets measure approximately 1.24 meters square by 2.5 meters high
  • Wheelchair Accessible Toilets and Urinals measure approximately 1.90 meters square by 2.5 meters high
  • The approximate overall dimensions of the truck carrying a toilet for delivery is 3.5 meters high by 2.0 meters wide